What Is Real Success

What Is Real Success

Today I would like to ask you about the real success. What do you think is the real success, whether it is wealth or real success, or the success of having a large number of children? Tell us, neither of us know, nor do we try to find out. We are earning from morning till evening. Today we will tell you what is the real success. The real success does not mean children, but the real success is that Allah and His Messenger agree with man.

Allaah says in the Holy Qur’an that wealth and wealth are temptation. Similarly, Hadith is in Sharif. This world is a traveler. So why did we leave the message of Allah and His Messenger and we are the one and only behind the world? We are following the world, and God has turned away from us..Many Muslims are blind to the love of the world.Most people love the world and they forget the pact of the tomb and the punishment of hell.The reason for this is ignorance of the reality of world life.It is often believed that real success is the wealth and fame of the world Enjoy it here and you will be seen when the Hour comes That is, the love of the world has kept the majority unaware and ignored of the end.

The reality of the world is understood when angels come to spirit and when the ignorant man screams from God in the Hereafter, God Almighty send me just one time into the world, I will obey you all my life.There are happy moments in life as in sports, like the joys of winning in the world, the joys of worldly pleasures are timely. This world is like a spectacle in which everyone owns a working husband’s wife and is writing their own actions. This practice will be presented to Allaah one day so that we will not have to face any problem after death.

The real success of any human being is the destination of his grave Whatever wealth people make in life, it is not their real success. Allah says in the Holy Quran that we have sent down the Quran and we are the protectors of it.Similarly, Allah says in Al-Anfal, the words of the Holy Quran, that wealth and children are a fitnah


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