Unique victory

Unique victory

There is no better example in human history of tolerance, forbearance and forgiveness. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) waxed the hearts of these stony-hearted polytheists. While feeding her babies in a very desolate area, the bitch became frightened when she heard clouds of dust, an army of innumerable soldiers and a heartbreaking call from afar. As soon as this magnificent army of Jarar approached him, the commander of this army summoned one of his soldiers Jamil bin Saraqah and ordered him to stand by the bitch so that this army of ten thousand soldiers would trample the bitch and her children in ignorance. Just look at the commander of this army, his name is Muhammad Arabi, peace be upon him, who has set out in Makkah today to strike a decisive blow on disbelief, but he also has a sense of protection for the children of this bitch. He is marching towards Makkah with a very powerful army. This was the same Makkah which was very dear to the Prophet (peace be upon him), from where a few years ago he was forced to migrate with his companions in great sorrow.

Today, as a result of the best strategy of knowledge of the Prophet (peace be upon him), the polytheists of Makkah were terrified and gave up. The Prophet (peace be upon him) bowed his head in humility and gratitude for this glorious victory. The hair began to fall out of the wood. This was the same Mecca in which you were abused, impurity was thrown at you, stones were thrown at you, your spell was said, thorns were laid in your path and plans were made to kill you.

Today all those people were standing with their eyes bowed with shame, hoping for mercy from you. Among them were those who had chewed your dear uncle’s heart and liver in pieces. She was waiting for the sign of Allah (swt). But she said, “There is nothing wrong with you today. Go, you are all free. There is no better example of tolerance, forbearance and forgiveness in human history.”The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) waxed the hearts of these stone-hearted polytheists. And he was inspired by this noble attitude and was drawn to Islam.


Strong belief in the existence of Allah.

Fearless and unshakable intention.

Humility despite being powerful.

High-level war strategy and tactics.

And most of all, love and forgiveness.

Now, let’s get out of this broken but morally pure tent of Ramadan 630 and peek into the silken but morally dilapidated tent of Ramadan 2020. There is no bargain in this tent of today in the name of love, forgiveness and forgiveness. We have just decorated the one that sells well, which is a little good in the market. The good news is that if the door of the Prophet’s tent of mercy is not closed on even the worst polytheists, it is open for us. From there, the gust of mercy will also come to our tent, just let us make a little deal of forgiveness, love and forgiveness.

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