The Prophet’s peace be upon him Guidance On Treating Wounds And Cuts

The Prophet’s peace be upon him Guidance On Treating Wounds And Cuts

In the Sahihan it is narrated that Sahl bin Sa’d was asked about how the Messenger’s peace be upon him injuries in the battle of Uhud were treated. Sahl said,

The Prophet’s peace be upon him face was injured, his tooth was broken and the helmet he was wearing was smashed on his head. Fatimah radi allahu anha, the daughter of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, was washing the blood off while Ali radi allahu anhu was pouring water on her hands with his shield. When Fatimah radi allahu anha realized that the bleeding did not stop, she took a burned mat (of palm leaves) and inserted the ash in the wound of Allah’s Messenger peace be upon him and the bleeding stopped.

The ashes of burnt palm leaves are very effective in stopping bleeding, because it is a strong drying agent and because it has the least burning effect (on the exposed skin). Other strong drying remedies have a burning effect on the skin and cause the blood to be irritated and the bleeding to intensify. Further, when the ashes of palm leaves are applied alone or mixed with vinegar in a bleeding nose, it will stop the bleeding.

The author of Al-Qonun said,

Al-Baradii (Papyrus) is effective in stopping bleeding and coating exposed flesh when it is placed on a wound. In old Egypt, paper was made of the Baradii, which has a cold, dry condition. Baradii ash is effective in treating oral fungus and infection, hemoptysis (spitting up blood) and In addition prevents malignant infections from spreading.

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