How to live after Ramadan?
How to live after Ramadan?

How to live after Ramadan?

Ramadan serves as a training period in a Muslim’s life where a Muslim is prepared for the rest of the month within a month.Ramadan is the source of all our blessings and forgiveness and it has spread among us and it has departed from us very fast. This month gives rise to the Muslim in practical and faith which is the great asset of the Muslims and Islam. As Allah says in the Holy Qur’an that I imposed Ramadan on you in the same way that I imposed it on the previous nations and the purpose of this month of Ramadan is The attainment of piety is to change one’s inner thinking, morals and character and to lead a righteous life after Ramadan and in accordance with the teachings of Islam.

This is the month in which the status of deeds is increased.The devils are bound and the light of mercy is everywhere. Ramadan serves as a training period in the life of a Muslim where a Muslim is prepared for the rest of the month within a month whose deeds And the power of faith is increased and the devil of the inner soul is shut down and the capacity of faith grows.
Every moment of this month is filled with mercy, forgiveness and blessings. Where the devils are closed, a person sharpens his faith. He arranges for the recitation of the Qur’an. He arranges the obligatory prayers and the NaThe purpose of this month of Ramadan is to control one’s self and to acknowledge the Lordship of God, to prostrate oneself to every command of God Almighty, and to turn away from the immoral deeds of Satan. But the tragedy is that where the month of Ramadan Mosques are inhabited during the month. Recitation of the Qur’an is common. Nawafil and charity are arranged. After the holy month of Ramadan, the mosques of the Muslims begin to be deserted again. The Qur’an is again decorated on the niches. Prayers are not arranged. This is not the purpose of Ramadan. He breaks his fast and breaks his fast during the day. During the day, enduring the heat and thirst becomes a means of attaining piety.

The blessed month of Ramadan is that man should spend the rest of his life in the remaining eleven months in the same way as the month of Ramadan was passing. The book contains the destiny of the world through which a human being was given a higher position than the angels.

We would decorate the Quran on the niches and then we would close the Quran in a sheath for recitation next month of Ramadan, but it does not befit the Muslim Ummah to put this book in a sheath and a shower of perfume. Rather, reading this book should bring fragrance in one’s life and morals.

This is the book that holds the secret of our success. By reading this book we should get closer to our real Creator and understand our purpose of existence because it is the book that says that you are the best group that has been brought out for the people so that you may enjoin good. Give and restrain people from evil and believe in Allah, it does not beautify the Ummah that the members of the Muslim Ummah are limited to the recitation of this Holy Quran.

Through the holy month of Ramadan, every member of the Muslim Ummah should be inspired to carry the message of the Qur’an and spread it all over the world. We have to carry forward the mission of this great Prophet Muhammad and the world. I will teach peace and tranquility. We will try to rebuild the same mosque after Ramadan in which we used to offer prayers in the month of Ramadan. If the life of a person does not change even after the month of Ramadan, then accountability We should not say that we are not among those for whom the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was trustworthy and Gabriel, the chief of the angels, cursed him who got the month of Ramadan and yet he forgave his sins. Could not May Allah save us all from this evil prayer (Amen)

We have to change our life after the month of Ramadan. So it should be remembered that in Ramadan nothing is achieved except hunger and thirst and forbidding sleep at night.The same purpose of Ramadan is stated in the Qur’an in Surah Al-Baqarah verse 183. If the fasting person achieves this goal, it is as if he has achieved the real goal of the Shari’ah and has been saved from going astray. Just as a person, in the state of fasting, takes upon himself all that is forbidden by the Shari’ah. In fact, it is practiced that just as Ramadaan forbade them from these things and obeyed the Shari’ah, so it is the duty of a Muslim to abstain from all these things after Ramadaan, which the Shari’ah has made permanent. But it has been declared haraam.

The believer should abstain completely from the prohibitions and abide by the Shari’ah. The things that were forbidden only in the morning and evening when they were practiced with such vigor and have been polytheists for the whole month. They have been shut down forever. We must act on them as much as we can. That is why in the end I would like to request that we should all calculate in our lives where my life will go. Am I trying to fulfill the duty for which my existence has been sent to this mortal world or is my life like a desolate animal that eats and fills its stomach from wherever it wants during the day which Has no responsibility and no purpose. May Allah accept the month of Ramadan for all of us and help us to live an Islamist life in our lives and encourage us to respond to every command of the Qur’an (Amen, Lord of the Worlds).


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