One in every five people on this planet solidly accepts that the Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) is the last Messenger of God. He was a Muslim and there are more than 1.3 billion such Muslims today.

Individuals, as well as whole nations, invest wholeheartedly in pronouncing their devotion to him. There are 54 such Muslim states today, running from those as extensive as Indonesia and Bangladesh, with populaces of 200 and 125 million separately, to those as small as the Maldives or Brunei with populaces of 230,000 and 260,000. Indeed, even in non-Muslim nations, huge Muslim populaces comprise noteworthy minorities; as much as 120 million in India and 20 million in China.

In reality, inside the last 50 years, Islam, the religion brought by the Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh), has become the second biggest religion in most European nations, as additionally in America and Canada.

Highly contrasting, red and yellow, devotees of the Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) originate from every single human race. Regardless of whether in Asia or Europe, Africa or America, everywhere of this globe, you make certain to discover Muslims. They live in the most developed, rambling megalopolis just as in the most crude traveling tent, town, village, and even in the hedge.

As now so constantly, as the centuries progressed, over the planet, from start to finish, a great many people have experienced for their entire lives, adoring the Prophet (Pbuh) and attempting to emulate his example, as nobody else has been so cherished and followed. They have lived and kicked the bucket, accepted and acted, wedded and raised families, loved and administered, made war and harmony, even eaten and dressed, strolled and rested, similarly as he did or instructed them to do.

For sure, never in history has a man affected humanity, even past his passing, so profoundly thus inescapably as he has. He carries light and harmony to innumerable hearts and lives. Muslims love him to move beyond a reasonable doubt than their own selves. In him, they locate their most noteworthy wellspring of motivation and direction. He is a definitive standard and the ideal model for them. Confidence in Allah and His Messenger is their backbone and Allah is their main wellspring of help and solace in every single individual change and tribulations. To him, they additionally hope to lead them through social and political disturbance. He has constantly propelled them to more prominent and more noteworthy statures of otherworldly and good upliftment and civilizational accomplishments. What’s more, despite everything does.

To put it plainly, Muslims accept that through him, a human such as themselves, God has addressed them, and guided him to live among them, setting a model and a model for all occasions to come. Indeed, even today he spurs and instigates entire populaces to long and endeavor to shape their private lives, governmental issues and arrangements as per Allah’s lessons.

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