Do not make your wife sick

Do not make your wife sick

Do not make your wife sick If you do not want your wife to become a psychiatric patient and your wife is healthy and healthy even when she is old, your child will have beautiful talents and abilities. Do you trust him to fulfill all the wishes of his wife and children which Allah and His Messenger have commanded.f you are a married person, try not to look at other women as it is your maliciousness that you are leaving the lawful work and moving towards the forbidden. Do you like that you are lawful? Except for the pork that is forbidden meat, make sure you do not like.

Wife is the closest friend No one is your beloved friend in the world other than the wife Experience has shown that a person’s parents stay with him for a lifetime but when that man gets married The wife accepts the responsibility.Most of the offenders are men who ruin every house as much as women get divorced in the house. This is mostly due to a man who is married. Is that you have to serve my mother, obey my sisters, do not serve my brother, do not do it, do not do it. You give him abuse and you and his parents abuse his siblings, which causes a woman to hate her heart. And slowly disappears from her husband.

Loving a wife is Sunnah

We admonish our sons in the morning and force them to fulfill their rights, sometimes even losing rights that are not really ours, but none of us have ever had children. It does not say that the Holy Prophet intends to be the best of you.whose morals are good with his wife.We spend a good deal of time with friends and enjoy time with them, and as we get home we become serious and we are not laughable and the wife is very upset that she has been waiting all day and There will be a chance to laugh at night and as soon as you come here, you are sitting with serious  face.

This standard of virtue has been said to treat his wife well and as time is spent with friends.Loving a wife is Sunnah.Often men complain that the wife speaks in front of them, but if seen, the husband forces his wife to misbehave when the husband abuses his family in front of his wife. A woman can tolerate everything about herself but cannot tolerate abusing her parents and siblings.The husband should feel more than appreciating his wife and it is no less a blessing for a wife that her husband is about to realize her.

  • To obey and obey him in every legitimate work
  • serve the husband’s parents
  • Don’t do evil to your husband in front of anyone
  • Do not spend more than the husband’s income
  • Do not let anyone who does not want to come home
  • Do not give its money to anyone without their permission
  •  permission, she should not pray nafil or fast
  • Protect the husband from the prohibited earnings
  • If she sees anything against the Shari’ah in the husband, she should be prohibited from literature.
  • The woman who died when her husband was pleased with her would go to paradise.

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