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An Easy Way to Learn Quran Online

As in the twenty-first century, studying the Quran becomes simpler and may be accomplished much more easily wherever in the globe. No longer do things like location, time, or the cost of education stand in the way of success! You may now study the Quran online at your leisure from the comfort of your own home at costs that are accessible.
You or your children may study the Quran via online Quran lessons. These sessions place students in a virtual classroom where they converse in real-time with their respective teachers. In addition to the myriad of additional benefits that come with online education, your Quran instructor will go through each stage of the process with you, share the screen, and direct you to the appropriate page to read or activity to do. In point of fact, a number of studies have shown that conventional methods of education are less participatory and less productive than studying the Quran online.
There are, without a doubt, a lot of upsides to learning the Quran via online study. But the issue is, where exactly do we begin? how does one go about studying the Quran online properly? In order to provide a response to these queries, the Quran instructors have structured the online study of the Quran into five distinct phases.
First, Become Familiar with the Arabic Writing System
Arabic is the language in which the Quran was revealed. Therefore, if you want to be able to study the Quran, you need to first become fluent in the Arabic language. In this respect, it provides a personalized Arabic language course that will assist you in gaining an understanding of the fundamentals of the Arabic language and will get you ready to read the verses from the Quran.
The Next Step Is to Learn How to Recite the Quran
After becoming proficient in Arabic reading, the next step is to learn how to recite the Quran correctly under the direction of knowledgeable instructors. You will learn how to correctly pronounce the words of the Quran as part of the Quran recitation course that is offered by us. This course will also teach you how to properly recite the Quran.
Study the Tajweed in the Quran
Do you want to improve your recitation of the Quran? Do you want to recite the Quran in the same manner as it was recited by the prophet Muhammad (PBUH)? If this is the case, you should educate yourself on the Tajweed regulations. The Tajweed courses are intended to teach students how to appropriately pronounce the letters in the words, including how to determine whether or not a consonant letter should be spoken silently.
The Fourth Step Is to Study Quran Memorization and Hifz
It is time to study how to remember the Quran and become a Hafiz if you have reached perfection in reciting the Quran while implementing the Tajweed guidelines. The goal of the Quran memorization course offered by us is to teach students how to recite the Holy Quran with as much precision and speed as is humanly feasible.
Get Ijazah Online
You should put your knowledge to the test and acquire an Ijazah in Quran recitation and memorization before moving on to the next phase of any study program. Because “Ijazah” is a certification that grants its bearer permission to teach Quran recitation with tajweed and/or Quran Memorization, the Online Ijazah Course is considered to be an advanced level Quran course.
Parting Thoughts
2014 was the year that saw the birth of the Quran Institute. We have a network of 43 institutions around the nation that are actively and effectively bestowing knowledge of the Quran and Sunnah onto women, girls, and youngsters. Our goal is to inspire women to put Islamic principles into practice in their day-to-day lives so that the Deen may become more widespread in society.

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