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10 Important Tips for Kids to Learn the Holy Quran Online

The most important thing that parents can do for their offspring is to make sure that they pass on their knowledge of the Holy Quran to them. Every single Muslim parent has the same goal for their children: for them to know, love, and resolutely practice the Holy Quran. In point of fact, it is a burden that must be carried by the parents.
Make Sure You Are Taking the Right Steps:
On the other hand, the process of instructing young children is often treated in a hasty and ill-advised way. In particular, families that are not Arab do not pay attention to their steps while they are explaining the Holy Quran to their children. In addition, as Muslim parents, we have the obligation to educate our children in accordance with the teachings of the Quran and the example set by the prophet Muhammad (Sunnah) (PBUH). Because of this, it is very important that we make it a purpose to teach the Quran to our children.
Learning the Quran Online at Your Own Convenience
Learning the Quran online is the most effective answer for such parents. In the same vein, it is impossible for a person to enroll in a school or a Madrasa if they have not had an education in the Quran and they are currently working. Learning the Quran on an online platform is another excellent gift and resource for those individuals. Many individuals have made the decision to restart their education with the development of online educational opportunities. They are able to study the Quran online without having to sacrifice anything else in their regular working lives.
Begin Your Day by Memorizing the Quran in The Early Hours of the Morning
After Fajr prayer, the optimum time to memorize the Quran is in the early morning. Spend 30 to 50 minutes memorizing the Quran after you pray and before you eat breakfast. At this hour of the day, the mind is calm and open to new ideas.
Ensure That Your Quranic Recitation and Pronunciation Are Correct
Reciting the Quran properly is the first step in learning the Quran by heart. Listening to a good and accurate Qur’an recitation is the only way to achieve this. Those who can read Arabic, but do not recite the Quran correctly, must first study the Quran using tajweed (proper pronunciation).
Preparation is the Key to Successful Quran Memorization
Complete the Hifz Quran by this date. It’s best to break it down into annual, monthly, weekly, and daily objectives for memorizing. There is no better way to accomplish your goal than this, and you will feel accomplished every day of the road.
Maintaining a Memorization Routine Is Essential
Don’t miss a single day of your memorizing program unless it’s an absolute need. If you have to miss a day because of important concerns, make up for it by spending more time memorizing the Quran the next day. Always keep in mind that the ability to recall information is developed through time, much like a muscle. The more often you practice memorization, the more material you can recall, and the simpler it is to recall it gets.
Repeat What You’ve Memorized Again and Over Until It Becomes Second Nature
Start your Quran memorizing work by reciting and repeating the verses you’ve already remembered. You should recite the previous day’s part of the Quran by memory before beginning a fresh one. You should repeat all of your remembered material at the conclusion of the week. Repeat the procedure at the end of the month and so on. Your Quran memory will be perfected and you will not forget it.
At Salah, Recite What You’ve Learned (Prayer)
Reciting passages from the Quran in the five daily prayers is a great way to practice what you’ve learned. When you realize you’ve forgotten a verse, immediately return to your Mushaf to recite it.
Comprehend the Message of the Quran
It’s impossible to remember anything if you don’t comprehend what you’re reading. When remembering Scriptures, it’s critical to comprehend their meaning and how they are related to one another. The Tafsir (interpretation) of the verses that you are memorizing should be read and their meanings should be brought to mind when you recite them.
Learn to Memorize the Quran from an Expert Quran Teacher
You may hire a professional Quran instructor to assist you to memorize the Quran more quickly and easily. Step by step, they will assist and lead you on your path to becoming a Quranic Hafiz/Hafiz.

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